Friday, January 06, 2006

Kennedy went to Target with me last night. She sure knows how to work her mother. It started out that we were just going to buy pop for dad. She just wanted to "LOOK" at the clothes in her size. Well long story short, she ended up falling in love with this outfit and is now the proud owner of it. Even big sister Katelyn was eyeing it and wondering if she could borrow it. (I'm not ready for all of that borrowing clothes stuff yet; they are growing up too fast.) So she couldn't wait to get dressed for preschool this morning to put on her fancy new outfit. I got to thinking about how the clothes you are wearing have such an influence about how you feel about yourself...even at such a young age. Kennedy was dancing around the kitchen like a little diva saying "Baby's got it going on!" whatever that means. I think she takes after her dad. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Ria, after preschool we stoped at Hornbachers and even strangers made comments about Ms KENNEDY'S cute outfit..........she would smile and say thank you with a glimmer in her eye....the outfit was worth every penny when you see the confidence it brings out in that girl! Enjoyed every minute just watching her work the folks at the grocery store!

Anonymous said...

Sorry daughter dear but the "baby's got it goin on" phase is totally a "ria" thing..sometime back in the early 80's...or even earlier when you told Terry Russ at the church christmas program at age "2" not to touch you cuz your mom got you all "purtied up".... and Miss Kennedy, G'ma Sandi is lovin that look. . but what happened to those girlie, frilly, pink dresses ????