Thursday, July 29, 2010

summer nights

good friends. good times. summer... is good.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what's happening?

I think it was nature weekend at my house... first Katelyn and I tried to save the life of a baby bird we found in our yard. Mya kept begging to go outside and ran to a certain spot by the evergreens everytime she got out there. We noticed some robins on the fence and they would squawk at her and fly by her and swoop down around her and I remember thinking ... "how funny! I think those birds are trying to play with my puppy!" Well... not really. They were trying to keep her away from their little baby that fell out of it's nest. So off to the garden we went to dig up some worms for this little baby. I just kept thinking how "unlike" me it was to be getting my fingernails dirty digging up slimy creatures. For a BIRD. But we found some, fed the baby bird some supper, carefully moved it out of our yard to keep it safe from Mya who would have certainly been happy to pick it up and throw it around a little. We even named her Olive. Katelyn watched Olive for a few days and she is now gone, so we think she learned to fly! (Either that or the golf course lawn mower got her... but we choose to believe the former.)

At the same time we were conducting our rescue mission, there was a momma duck and a bunch of little ducklings that got stuck in our yard, so we had to lead them out the gate so they could get back to the pond on the golf course!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

July 4th

Pics of our holiday weekend are up on my photo blog... click here!