Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who knew?

I have been reading MckMama's blog for almost a year now. I found it through another blog I read faithfully... Angie Smith's. While reading her blog which details life with her MSC (many small children), I would notice that MckMama (aka Jennifer) would often mention how they lived near the frozen tundra, but all her blog states is that they are from the Midwest.

Her youngest child [they also have three older children age 4, 2 & 1] was a miracle when he was born, but was healthy for his first several months of life. Then a little over a week ago, her baby boy became very sick and has been in the hospital perplexing all the doctors ever since. Thousands and thousands (if not more by now!) have been spreading the word about praying for this very sick little baby named Stellan.

Prayers for Stellan

Here is a photo (taken from Jennifer's blog) of Stellan just a couple of days before he got sick...
And here is is just a few days ago...

And tonight, a television station did a news story on this sweet family and their amazing mama and this special little boy... and guess what? They live in Minnesota and Stellan is being cared for at the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. Here is the link to Stellan's Story. What a small world. In case you have not heard of her before (but I find that rather hard to believe) meet MckMama.

Monday, March 16, 2009

state hockey fun

We had such a great weekend at the State Hockey Tournament. It was made even better by two exciting wins by the Spuds. Even though they didn't win the championship, we were ALL so proud of them!
In addition to watching plenty of hockey, the kids spent their time swimming, playing knee-hockey, riding shuttles to the games, attending the hockey EXPO, and staying up until 2am to run around the hotel with their friends. I'm sure that the security guards are VERY glad that the weekend is over and we have all checked out. On the way to the championship game the kids thought it was so funny to chant all the new cheers they had learned (some... not so appropriate) from the crowd.

The team came over to our hotel for a reception following Saturday nights' game. There were people filling the main floor and lining the balconies cheering for our Spuds.

Carter and #14, Trent Johnson. Trent was selected as a member of the All-Tournament team, and also was the recipient of the Herb Brooks award this year.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Go Spuds

All six of us are off to the state hockey tournament in St. Paul tomorrow. The Spuds beat Roseau last week to make it into the tournament. This photo is from that game... the boys are watching the players receive medals after their big win. [I also totally stole this pic from Rick Westra... thanks Rick!]

Monday, March 09, 2009


Katelyn was in Horizon Middle School's production of "Annie" this weekend. The performance was just incredible and we are so proud of her! The kids started practices last fall and spent many nights and weekends putting it all together.

Katelyn was in three different parts of the play... she was a "Hooverville Hobo", a servant at the Warbucks mansion, and a New York City townsperson.
Katelyn is the maid at the top of stairs on the left.And she is the one pushing the baby buggy!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Squirt International

Carter's hockey team played in the big Squirt International hockey tournament in Fargo this weekend. They won the championship for their bracket. Carter had the flu the day before it started and missed the first game, but came back strong and scored two goals this weekend. Congrats bud!

Each player got a door sign for their front door...

A big part of this tournament is pin trading. There were 112 teams and each team has their own pin, so the players (and siblings, and sometimes parents) spend the weekend trading pins with each other.