Sunday, November 26, 2006

Where Did This Month Go?

Since I got a complaint today about my slacking on the blog I thought I'd better post a few updates on what we've been up to! Tim has been teaching the kids how to play Texas Hold 'Em.

Kennedy and the boys have been busy with lots of hockey practices and games. Tonight Kennedy played at the Sports Center and the boys played at the Youth Arena at the same time. Mom went to one game, and dad went to the other. Next weekend we will have to switch because they have games at the same time again. Seems like we have a lot of that in our future.
The kids have a new "check system" behavior plan. Each check carries a consequence and if your checks total more than five by the end of the day.... let's just say it's not a good situation. It seems to be working all right; except for our Thanksgiving trip to the cities when they fought almost constantly. We were treated to Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's and Ryan, Ann and the girls came. Baby # 3 should be here in a few weeks! This weekend we decorated for Christmas and the kids hung up all their ornaments. This year's choices were a Wild hockey puck for Carter, a sparkly guitar for Cooper, a school bus for Kennedy and a watermelon slice for Katelyn. The kids have also been working on their Christmas lists, but I am not going to post them this year since last year they got duplicates of everything. I have done a little Christmas shopping, but am hoping to get a good start on it this addition to hockey practices on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, church activities on Wednesday and a Spud hockey game on Thursday.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I wish they would have gotten pencils!

The worst part about the day after Halloween is that after my kiddies are up and off to school I am left to face four huge bags of candy staring at me all day. It takes will power minute after minute to not dig in and eat every last Butterfinger in their stash. Unfortunately, we have so much candy that this struggle could continue for the next few weeks. Should I just let them eat it all so that I can't? Should I throw it all in the garbage so no one has to face the temptation? What's a mother with a bad chocolate habit to do?