Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We started off the weekend by having new floors installed in our bedroom... which makes me so unbelievably happy I can't even tell you. Emme and Mya are not sure what to think... they wandered around wondering where they were going to pee now that the stanky carpet was gone. The kids' were at grandma and grandpa's for the weekend decorating eggs, playing games and helping grandpa do yardwork at the lake so mom and dad got to go on a date Friday night. Good day, good day. Saturday we ran errands, went out for lunch and I took a huge long nap. Another good day.

Easter morning, the Easter bunny was a bit lazy and decided to just put candy in the baskets instead of hiding it around the house like he (or she) has every other year. I was questioned by my boys wondering if, in fact it WAS me hiding the candy all these years. Ummmmm... guess we had to burst that bubble. Then it was a rush to get off to church on time... Here is the fam thoroughly enjoying themselves.
We had a lovely brunch at Moorhead Country Club with grandmas and grandpas... It was a gorgeous spring day so we spent the afternoon working in the yard and cleaning out the garage, taking the dogs for a walk, and yes, taking another nap. We grilled out for supper and then got everything cleaned up and ready for the week... including the girls.A clean and organized garage... makes me SOOOO happy.

Monday, April 04, 2011

state project

Kennedy got to turn in her state project at school today. We (I mean SHE) finished it last week. Her first choices for states were New York or Hawaii, but she got... Tennessee. Oh well, at least it wasn't New Hampshire like Carter's a couple of years ago. We (I mean SHE) decided to make the board look like the Grand Ole Opry stage complete with a wood floor and red curtains. On Thursday night there is a big presentation at school where all of the kids' display their boards for all of the parents to see. I think she (I mean WE) deserve an A+!

PS... she also got new glasses this weekend! She has really been having a hard time seeing the board at school and her old ones were too small. She put them on and right away said.. "Oh wow, they work!"