Monday, May 03, 2010

Birthday Week

It was a big week at our house last week... Carter and Cooper turned 11, and Katelyn turned 15. We started the celebrating on Wednesday when I picked up Carter and Cooper and some friends from school and they went to the DQ and bowling. Then we had all their families over for a BBQ that night. Friday was Carter and Cooper's actual birthday and they brought cupcakes for their classes at school (wish I had a photo of me carrying 70 cupcakes into the school!) They chose to go to Speak Easy for their birthday dinner. Saturday was Katelyn's big day. Her and her friend Jade got pedicures and ate lunch at the Olive Garden. Then Katelyn wanted the whole family to play the Game of Life that night. What a LONG game.

Sunday we had a little party with the grandparents. I waited until the last minute to pick up a cake for the party... so this is what we ended up with. Ugly... but it still tasted good!
Must throw in a few cell phone pics of the girls... Mya is almost as big as Emme now. And sometimes just ONE of her ears sticks up. The kids got Rock Band for Wii and a karaoke machine, so it should be nice and loud at our house for awhile.
Another busy week coming up... the boys start Babe Ruth baseball practice, (and still have rec soccer practice) and Katelyn starts drivers training today. Yikes!