Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

Love is in the air at our house this year... Carter has had a girlfriend for almost a whole year now and he brought her a valentine gift to school today. There of course is no photo of this though.. he would die at just the THOUGHT of me trying to capture that. I am even surprised that he wasn't too embarrassed to give it to her at school. Things must be getting serious.

Then there is miss Kennedy. She has had a "boyfriend" for a whole 11 days now (the current one anyway) and he surprised her with a card, necklace and puppy for valentine's day. No embarrassment here. And Katelyn went to the move Never Say Never this weekend and has a severe case of Bieber Fever. It's official... she's in love with the Biebs.

Carter and Dad were in Wadena for a hockey game tonight so we had a date night with friends at the DQ... fun times! Oh yah... and here is what I was surprised with when I got home from work today... my favorite! Aaaahhh... thanks Tim!

hockey day mn 2011

We had such a great day for Hockey Day MN. FSN was in Moorhead to televise all of the festivities. We had 5 games to watch just with our kids' teams, plus the two outdoor varsity games. You can see more photos from the day over on my photography blog too!Here is Katelyn working at the concessions stands... we like to keep our whole family involved at the rink!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

weekend recap

Well Friday night did not start off so good... Carter got "railed" (his words not mine) and hit his head pretty good on the ice during his peewee game Friday night and had a little trouble staying on his feet to get to the bench. His pupils were very dialated and we were worried about a possible concussion so off to the ER we went. The doctor said that since he didn't really lose consciousness and seemed to remember everything about the incident, wasn't feeling sick or dizzy or pain in his head that it didn't seem to indicate a concussion. He was thrilled that he would be able to play in the rest of his games that weekend.

On Saturday Cooper's team got to play on Moorhead's new outdoor rink (same ice that the Spuds will play on this Saturday for Hockey Day Minnesota). I was freezing, but was told that it was a beautiful day for watching outdoor hockey. Coop had a blast and their team won 5-2.

Kennedy spent her weekend in Roseau for a U-10 tournament. As usual the team struggled early and lost their first three games, but pulled through with a win their last game. She got a medal, so that made it all worth it. She had to hurry and finish her homework before the big Superbowl game started.
P.S. Funny little side note... I always think my kids don't really get along very well and seem to fight ALL the time, but both girls were away for the weekend (Katelyn was at a speech tournament in Duluth) and the first thing they both asked when they got home was how Carter was. Oh for sweet right?
P.S.S Also another funny little story about Carter... when we were sitting waiting for the Dr. in the ER he said to me that he had prayed before the game that nobody would get hurt. I was a little surprised and said "Really Carter, your prayed tonight?" and he said "Yah mom, I pray before most games." Double sweet.