Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Our Wednesday Morning Entertainment

Here is a typical summer morning at our house. All the kids were captivated watching Katelyn and her friend play a dancing game!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Vacation

I have been on vacation all this week. For the most part, I do have to say that it has been wonderful and I have hinted to Tim more than once that I could really get used to this! Coming home from the gym and sitting down and reading the paper in the quiet house is my favorite!

However, on the downside, my vacation has been filled with several chaffuering duties daily. The kids have had bible school all week in the morning, golf on Tuesday, volleyball camp everyday, hockey camp everyday and baseball tonight. What fun to dress up in hot stinky hockey gear in the middle of the summer. Yes, I'd have to say that the cult better known as Moorhead Hockey has lured us in. But then the kids see Brian Lee in the lobby, or watch Matt Cullen on tv, and you know this is where it all starts; with mom getting them dressed and schlepping them and all their equipment to the rink during her "vacation". So, when they hit the big time, let's hope they remember these days (not the part where I scream at them to hurry up and get their stuff on cause we're going to be late again, or wonder loudly why can't you do this by yourself yet, you've been in hockey for two years already.) As I was discussing with my friend Melissa the other day, in a few short years, us mothers will be banned from the locker room only to be left standing in the lobby wishing for those days when our little boys needed our help.

**Editor's Note: This entry is not meant at all to brag about the amount of this mother's involvement in her boys' early hockey careers. This task falls largely on the shoulders of dad, and boy do we appreciate it! It is not also meant to imply that there will be hockey careers at all...but hey parents can dream right?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Golf...Family Style

We played in our first Family Fun Golf Tournament at the Moorhead Country Club last night. What a winning team we make! It certainly is a test in patience golfing with four children. They had a blast though. They must have said atleast 49 times..."this is fun...I like golf." We scored a16 on our five-hole-scramble. Not too bad!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Four-Million Dollar Photos

I'm quite sure that people just like me are the reason that People magazine thought that 4 million dollars was quite a bargain for these much sought after photos. I loaded up seven children and hauled them to Target yesterday to get my copy!

Then last night I went to see The Break Up with a friend and the whole time could not stop thinking about Jennifer Aniston and how this whole thing must be so difficult for her. Can you imagine your life being played out like this for the whole world to see? Are Brad and Angelina wrong for being together? Do you really think Jen has moved on with Vince and can find it in her heart to be happy for them? Why is the world, me in particular, so interested in this story? Guess you could say I need to get a life!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Last Day of School!

It's off to the the big school next year for Katleyn. The boys were thrilled and a little relieved to see that their teachers had written down 2nd Grade at the bottom of their report cards...meaning they passed! Who knew they were so worried about it? Tommorrow will be an adjustment having the big kids around...better get to the grocery store today to stock up those cupboards.