Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Four-Million Dollar Photos

I'm quite sure that people just like me are the reason that People magazine thought that 4 million dollars was quite a bargain for these much sought after photos. I loaded up seven children and hauled them to Target yesterday to get my copy!

Then last night I went to see The Break Up with a friend and the whole time could not stop thinking about Jennifer Aniston and how this whole thing must be so difficult for her. Can you imagine your life being played out like this for the whole world to see? Are Brad and Angelina wrong for being together? Do you really think Jen has moved on with Vince and can find it in her heart to be happy for them? Why is the world, me in particular, so interested in this story? Guess you could say I need to get a life!


Anonymous said...

Ria: Glad to know I am not the only freak left in this world :) The only difference is I am a People subscriber!

Ria said...

Looks like there are lots of us freaks left in this world...I was at Target this morning and the People rack was SOLD OUT!