Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Golf...Family Style

We played in our first Family Fun Golf Tournament at the Moorhead Country Club last night. What a winning team we make! It certainly is a test in patience golfing with four children. They had a blast though. They must have said atleast 49 times..."this is fun...I like golf." We scored a16 on our five-hole-scramble. Not too bad!


Anonymous said...

Lovin' that Kennedy's matching golf socks and shirt . . . so that's what Sat. nite's trial run was all about when I babysat Miss DeeDee...Keep up the family fun nights... remember what they say "the family that plays/prays together stays together !".... What's up with Cooper's crazy golf stance ? ?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy to see you all out on the golf course. How about going way back to having a big family tournament some day including great Gma too. We would for sure win a trophy dont you think!!!!!!!!Sounds like you had a great time so keep swinging the clubs.