Friday, May 20, 2011

belated birthdays

So the birthdays were almost a month ago now, but I'm finally posting photos from the celebrations. Here are Carter and Cooper at Buffalo Wild Wings for their 12th birthday. Grandma Sandi made them this fun strawberry shortcake/ice cream cake.After BWW, we went to Verizon so the boys could pick out their very first cell phones. Kennedy had to show them how to add contacts and send texts... even though she doesn't have her own phone. She is patiently waiting!The next day, Katelyn celebrated her 16th birthday. She chose to go to the Olive Garden for supper with Jade and Briauna and her family. She even got to have the girls sleepover even though it was a school night. She mostly got clothes and money for her birthday... and we're hoping she'll be driving by September!
Happy birthday kiddos! Love you lots.