Monday, July 28, 2008

A couple more

photos from our 4th of July.

The whole gang...

Here are all of my grandma's great-grandchildren...there are 11 of them now and two sets of twins!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh yah...

it was my birthday last weekend! I have been super-duper busy with work, but I did find time to relax and celebrate a little. We went to the lake with friends, shopped in D.L, and ate at Zorbaz. Good times. On Thursday last week, a couple of friends and my dear husband even threw me my very first surprise party...complete with white cake with white frosting, my favorite! I was sure that I would be impossible to EVER surprise since I am such a control freak...but I guess it wasn't too hard. I was completely CLUELESS. Thanks everybody!

Here are a couple photos from our weekend at the lake.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our 4th

Here are some photos from our 4th of July weekend....we spent time at the Galaxy Resort on Star Lake and at Tim's parents on Little Cormorant. All the cousins had such a fun time together. Thanks for the pics Ann! (Again this photographer had camera problems...the batteries in my cheap-y died!)

Big "E"!We ended the weekend with a little drama, but thankfully no one was hurt!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I am officially one of those annoying people who treat their dogs like children and talk about them as if anyone else is actually interested in them. This is my little peanut butter up at the studio today after her vet appointment for shots. She was a very good girl....chewed a bone and then took a LONG nap! See? Totally annoying.


You are looking at quite possibly the naughtiest, most high-maintenance, spoiled rotten dog in the world....but boy are we in love with her!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

sick puppy

A few nights ago our poor Emme was sick and was up almost all night. As I have several times in the last month, I felt like I had a baby again! She was a very tired girl the next morning.

Is a bad picture...

...better than no picture? Since I've been in my studio, I haven't had my camera around at home so I thought I'd buy a small one that I can keep in my purse or grab easily to snap pictures more often. Can I just say what a disappointment it is to use a "regular" camera after having used my professional one for a year now? Anyway...I apoligize for neglecting the blog so terribly. It has been a busy summer so far at our house with all of the kids' activities. This is the last week of hockey camp...yay! Carter and Cooper have been going Monday-Thursday since school got out. We have a few more weeks of golf and baseball and then the girls will be heading to bible camp. Ryan Ann and the kids came to stay for a night a couple of weekends ago, so I broke out the before-mentioned cheap-o you go!