Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Is a bad picture...

...better than no picture? Since I've been in my studio, I haven't had my camera around at home so I thought I'd buy a small one that I can keep in my purse or grab easily to snap pictures more often. Can I just say what a disappointment it is to use a "regular" camera after having used my professional one for a year now? Anyway...I apoligize for neglecting the blog so terribly. It has been a busy summer so far at our house with all of the kids' activities. This is the last week of hockey camp...yay! Carter and Cooper have been going Monday-Thursday since school got out. We have a few more weeks of golf and baseball and then the girls will be heading to bible camp. Ryan Ann and the kids came to stay for a night a couple of weekends ago, so I broke out the before-mentioned cheap-o you go!

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