Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July weekend 2011

Yep... made the kids stand on the end of the dock for the yearly photo. Thanks kids. More photos from the weekend over on the rlp blog...

Friday, July 01, 2011

traveling soccer

Both Carter and Kennedy are on traveling soccer teams again this summer. This past weekend there was a tournament in Fargo. Kennedy's team is struggling again this year and hasn't won a game yet, but Kennedy played really great over the weekend and scored three goals.

Yes, she got called for this one... Score!Carter's team is doing pretty well this year. They made it to the semi-finals and lost in a really close game. Carter plays defense so doesn't score too many goals, but he sure stops a lot of them! Both of the kids stick their tongue out when they are really concentrating.He has this killer little "fake" move that gets the opponents every time and he goes right around them. He tells me it's so easy mom... they fall for it every time!Here's how he looks when he's not happy with a call by the referee.
One more big tournament for the year down in Blaine and then soccer will be over for the summer. Unfortunately, it's the same weekend that Cooper has the state baseball tournaments in St. Cloud so I won't get to watch them. Hopefully there will be some pics of Coop playing baseball on the blog soon!

soccer/twins weekend

A couple of weekends ago Carter had a soccer tournament down in Lakeville and since there was no baseball that weekend, we all got to go. (Except for Katelyn who had to stay home to work.) The weather was pretty awful and we spent Saturday afternoon watching Carter and his team play in the pouring rain. Miserable. And since we were staying in a hotel, the best way to dry out his soccer equipment was to lay it over the heater in the hotel room and turn it on full blast. Ewwwww. Do you know that soccer equipment smells WORSE than hockey equipment? I have never ever smelled such a rancid, putrid smell than our hotel room that night. Anyway... we had purchased tickets for the Twins game on Saturday night and though we were pretty bummed about the weather, we braved the rain hoping it would stop before game time. We took the light rail from the MOA all the way down to Target Field.

Our first stop once we got there was of course Hrbek's. It is Kent Hrbek's restaurant/bar. Dad had a hamburger and we all shared the biggest onion rings we've ever seen.
It was WeFest "Hat Night" at Target Field... so we all got free hats!My boyfriend Joe Mauer had just returned to the line-up the night before so we were excited to watch him play. Here his is before the game... was warming up pitchers in the bull pen and decided to give us a little look. (It could have had something to do with all of the obnioxous fans yelling "JOE!, JOE!"... but maybe he just wanted to say hi to me.)

Our friends the Greene's went with us too! The rain stopped by the second inning and it ended up being a really perfect night!