Monday, April 04, 2011

state project

Kennedy got to turn in her state project at school today. We (I mean SHE) finished it last week. Her first choices for states were New York or Hawaii, but she got... Tennessee. Oh well, at least it wasn't New Hampshire like Carter's a couple of years ago. We (I mean SHE) decided to make the board look like the Grand Ole Opry stage complete with a wood floor and red curtains. On Thursday night there is a big presentation at school where all of the kids' display their boards for all of the parents to see. I think she (I mean WE) deserve an A+!

PS... she also got new glasses this weekend! She has really been having a hard time seeing the board at school and her old ones were too small. She put them on and right away said.. "Oh wow, they work!"


TBRKO said...

Wow nice work! She gets her creativity from her mom! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kennedy! Wish we could be there Thursday to see all the projects.......Have fun!
Grandpa and Grandma Czi

Anonymous said...


LOVE your new glasses!!

Grandma LaVerne

Be the change... said...

WOW! well done.

Ggma said...

Great work Kennedy. Keep it up. I like your new glasses too. Such a cute look but you are growing up too fast.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Project and glasses

Sand H