Monday, March 16, 2009

state hockey fun

We had such a great weekend at the State Hockey Tournament. It was made even better by two exciting wins by the Spuds. Even though they didn't win the championship, we were ALL so proud of them!
In addition to watching plenty of hockey, the kids spent their time swimming, playing knee-hockey, riding shuttles to the games, attending the hockey EXPO, and staying up until 2am to run around the hotel with their friends. I'm sure that the security guards are VERY glad that the weekend is over and we have all checked out. On the way to the championship game the kids thought it was so funny to chant all the new cheers they had learned (some... not so appropriate) from the crowd.

The team came over to our hotel for a reception following Saturday nights' game. There were people filling the main floor and lining the balconies cheering for our Spuds.

Carter and #14, Trent Johnson. Trent was selected as a member of the All-Tournament team, and also was the recipient of the Herb Brooks award this year.

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Anonymous said...

Carter!! Grandma S. LOVES the haircut!!! Whew-hoooooo! No more hockey hair :-)