Tuesday, December 13, 2005

5 Going on 13

This was my conversation with my daughter yesterday at 5:10 pm.

Kennedy: Can I have my snack now?
Mom: Just a little one because it's almost supper time.
K: Can I have an M&M cookie?
M: Just half, you can eat the other half after supper.
K: Can I have chips, you can't break them in half.
M: You can have two chips.
K: That's all?
M:Yep, or half a cookie.
K: Well, can I have a little bowl of ice cream?
M: No, it's almost suppertime.
K: (Crying now) That's not fair if everybody else gets a big snack and I just get a little one.
M: Well they ate snack two hours ago.
K: Well if you would just let me have a big snack I would stop crying.
M: If you KEEP crying, you can go up to your room.
K: I could just sneak out of my room and get a snack.
M: Then you would get in big trouble.
K: What would you do to me?
M: I would spank you on the bare butt.
K: Well I could just move away cause I hate my MOTHER!
M: Kennedy go to your room.
K: You're gonna be sorry!


Anonymous said...

Ouch:) how can this darling little girl say those sad words? Sounds like she is ready to be grounded like Alex last Friday when he said a very bad word to his teacher..no tv, no games, no toys, no special treats, it was a long evening at Grandmas house.

Anonymous said...

Is that my sweet,cute and very talented little Kennedy? Was it a long time in room Kennedy?Seems to me I can remember a .little Ria trying the same thing a FEW years ago.

Anonymous said...

well, well, well......they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... :)... just as mother's sometimes say under their breath to their young daughters "don't worry dear, you'll get yours someday" . . . what goes around comes around.....wink/smile....
the mother in me would like to say "this too shall pass Ria" , however, the common sense in me says loudly "it only gets worse 'bout the time they are in 8th grade dear"... you had many of the same conversations with me and look how you turned out . . . hang in there...and keep reading Dobson's Dare to Discipline !