Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to the Real World

For all of you wondering about our little actors...we went down for the call-back on the ice cream commercial on Monday. The boys did great and even got to eat ice cream cones for the directors of the commercial. We found out today that they didn't get the commericial...but still feel it was a fun experience for the boys! They said they would be happy if they got it...but wouldn't be sad if they didn't get it. On to the next thing! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Well, ya gotta admit they had fun staying at Grandma's house too....sledding down the hill onto the lake, meeting a homeless man in the elevator, running thru the skyways of downtown Mpls, getting down on the floor at the Target Center, plugging their ears cuz the Glory Road movie was too loud in that ampi-theater, and the many rides at Camp Snoopy (especially the Ghostbuster !)... ! It's all a great growing up experience for the boys...and made for one pooped out grandma and road weary mommy ! ! I hope we get to do it again soon guys ! ! G'ma Sandi

Anonymous said...

I think Breyer's missed their chance...but even better maybe SCOOPS can do a "double dip" take with these handsome young boys and offer a bottomless ice cream cone:)