Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What 1st Grade Boys are Talking About at Recess These Days

This was part of our conversation at the dinner table last night.
Cooper: I got a new student teacher today.
Carter: Yah, I got one too.
Katelyn: Does she have blonde hair?
Carter: Yah.
Katelyn: Oh, I saw her today, she's pretty.
Carter: Noah says she's hot.
Mom: WHAT???? What does that mean if she's hot?
Cooper: (without looking up from his plate) That means he thinks she's sexy.
Mom: (Shrieks)
Carter: Yah, Noah says he wants to make out with her.
Mom: (Shrieks louder) What does that mean?
Cooper: I think that means he wants to marry her.

Side note: Mom wants to know who this Noah kid is...and is very curious to see this blonde student teacher who has the 1st grade boys buzzing!

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Anonymous said...

OK, now you're giving Grammy Sandi shortness of breath, chest pains ! Told ya you shouldn't have been watching all those old Sex in the City videos Ria . . . I'm starting to save right now to send them all to Park Christian...