Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It was Awesome!

Instead of the joyful reunion I envisioned after being away from their mommy for two nights, I got crossed arms, stomping feet and we don't want to go home tantrums. Guess they had a good time. Cooper's favorite parts were campfire and singing songs, fishing off the pontoon, and kayaking. Carter's favorite parts were playing games in the gym and listening to his counselor talk like ET. "He was so funny mom!"
Something that suprised me about their camp experience is that it sounds like they did not hang out together too much. Even at the very first gathering right after we dropped them off, they sat a few rows apart. I thought they would really like the comfort of having each other there...but I guess they didn't need it as much as I thought they would. It is a bittersweet feeling watching your kids grow up and move on to the next stage...excited to watch them try new things , but sad that they are old enough to be so independent and don't need their mommy so much anymore. However, they were glad that they decided to bring their blankies (there was quite a discussion about whether or not they should and if the other kids would laugh at them.) It turns out all the other boys had blankies too! Mom knew best on that one!

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Anonymous said...

Independence is a good thing...and just so you know, that feeling you are experiencing will never end... even though our job is to raise you to be independent and stable on your own, mommies are still built to feel needed and wanted. The best part is to hear back, "thanks mom for being there"... somewhere down the road that too shall come.