Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Parenting Dilemma

Should you force your child to play a sport? Most parents I discuss this with would unequivocally say "NO"! (I have visions of a few of the little rookie hockey players who spend most of their time rolling around on the ice while their dad looks on with stars in his eyes hoping to live out the dream through his son.) However, with our youngest child, we have chosen to go against the advice of others and force Kennedy to play soccer. Her first practice was this week. You know it is not going well if you have to threaten your child with a spanking just to get them in the car to go to practice! This child however, if left to her own desires, would spend most hours of her childhood happily passing time in front of the television.

Good news, she said she thought practice was "kind of fun" and almost sounded excited when she told me that the coach said she had a big game on Saturday. Looks like our attempt to "know better" might turn out okay. I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

I just watched Kennedys first game this morning. It was fun to see her out there doing great with the rest of the girls. Looks like you made the right decision in pushing her into soccer. She told me it was fun and it looked like she was enjoying being there. Keep up the good work Kennedy Ggma Bean