Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a busy night for Valentine's Day this year and Tim and I weren't going to get to see each other until about 9pm. So after all the kids were picked up from their various activities, he was going to pick up dinner for him and I. I had the table set and the candles lit and Cooper came down from his shower and said, "Oh yeah, a romantic dinner with candles for me and Carter!" He was a little disappointed when I told him it was for daddy and mommy, but said he would like to have a candle at his dinner too, so he went to get one off the dining room table, to which Carter screamed...."No Cooper, that is so gay!" Poor Cooper, he can't help it if he is a romantic at heart....or gay.


Anonymous said...


Love Grandpa and Grandma

PS Cooper you keep up the good touch you have expressing your you for it!

Love ya all.......G & G

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Cooper is going to be every woman's dream... he's got what we all want in a man... a tender heart.... and he loves to sit and communicate with you...even over morning coffee ! Lucky for me, I married someone just like that and came home from work to a house filled with candles last night too ! ! G'ma Sandi