Monday, February 26, 2007

It's a Good Thing

The girls and I went to the grocery store this weekend while the boys went ice fishing (how fair is that?) I absolutely hate going to the grocery store. Katelyn and I had this conversation on the way there and she was saying how she thought it would be so cool when she was in college to be able to go to the grocery store and pick out all the food she wanted. To which I replied, yah it sounds like fun until you have to spend your hard earned money on overpriced items (cereal is nearly $5.00 a box!), load everything in your car, unload it from your car and schlep it into the house and put it all away. And then hear your family whine..."there's nothing to eat!"

Okay well the point of my little rant is that I discovered something really cool at Hornbacher's .... did you know that you could buy gift cards to restuarants like Olive Garden and Red Lobster or to stores like Gap and Old Navy at the grocery store? Maybe I've been living under a rock since I didn't know about this, but I think that is such a time not have to go all the way out to the particular business to get the gift card but be able to get it at a place you have to go anyway. It may sound a little "Martha"...but it's a good thing!


TBRKO said...

Ria; I also did not know that! Wanted to chat with you at the game yesterday, but Olivia was too crazy. Here is a timesave I do: at Target, I buy any food I can. Why? Well, it saves me time AND overall their food is much cheaper than Hornbachers. I bought Rasin Bran yesterday for well under $3!

Anonymous said...

ya know that's pretty funny coming from miss katelyn... the girl who has tastebuds for only about 3 foods on this planet... watermelon, plain noodles and chocolate ...... she'll get thru the grocery store in no time flat..
the one who encourages a no sugar breakfast before school ! wink/smile.....and liquid vitamin supplements.... and less diet coke!