Thursday, February 01, 2007

January's Over...Hooray!

This is my least favorite time of year...January through March seem to drag on forever. I am going to blame my crabiness on the weather; it can't be my fault right? For those of us who don't have spring break trips to somewhere tropical to look forward to, we will just have to delight in the smaller pleasures of life. Here are three things I couldn't get through these dreary winter months without.

Diet Coke...gets me through the day. I am scolded and lectured quite often on the amount I drink, but somehow I think this vice is here to stay.

Smith's Rosebud Salve...needed daily! My friend Melissa told me about this miracle cream and it works wonders on the kids chapped lips, cheeks and chins.

TIVO...oh my beloved Tivo. We have become so close. Tim's not so happy about that. Tivo and I might have to slow things down a bit and spend some time apart.

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