Friday, February 16, 2007

On Being Sick

Since I had the pleasure of being visited by the same barf fairy that struck Kennedy this week, here are a few observations I thought I'd share.
Only a mother, the minute she knows the puking is done, would drag herself out of bed in search of the toilet bowl cleaner and clorox scrubber and in a cold sweat with her head pounding scrub every inch of that toilet until it was sparkling. Only a mother would fight the dizziness and blacking out to strip the sheets off her bed and throw them in the washer with hot water and bleach so that she could have fresh germ free sheets that night.
Also...I knew I had reached a new blogging realm when, hunched over the toilet and heaving the contents of my stomach into it (sorry for the mental image that you may now have), I was seriously brainstorming possible blog titles for the next day's post. "This Sucks" seemed to come to mind quite often..."Who needs a colonic?" was also in the running.
No one else in the house has gotten it...yet. My fingers are crossed...and the toilets and sheets are clean!


TBRKO said...

You poor thing! There is nothing quite so horrible as the stomach least to me. Let's hope you are better soon! I am hoping that you took the day off!

Ria said...

Actually I was sick on I had my alotted 12 hours to feel sorry for myself and lay around...and then it was back at it! Feeling great now!