Sunday, March 04, 2007

We Lost

We took a bus with a bunch of friends and their kids up to the game in Thief River. We were all a little bit nervous for the game, but never expected a loss. It was tough. They are a great group of guys. We will still be going to the state hockey tournaments next weekend, but it won't be nearly as fun without our Spuds to watch.

We went over to some friends' house after the game and this is what we found when we got home. Are they the cutest kids in the universe or what?


TBRKO said...

They ARE extremely cute kids! I always tell you that though....I wish we could go this weekend, but we aren't.
It will be a good getaway. I am still so upset too!

Anonymous said...

Nice job of babysitting there Katelyn... G'ma wonders who fell asleep first ? I'll put dibs on Kennedy being the last to give in.