Sunday, April 22, 2007

Daddy was away for work this weekend so the kiddos and I headed down to grammies house for some fun. Our plan was to spend the day at the zoo. Note for next year...check what time the zoo closes before you go. As is typical for us, we arrived at the zoo at 3pm and found out that it closed at 4pm. But we packed as much fun as we could into that hour! Oh well. Grandma took the kids to a movie Saturday night and I got to do my favorite thing....nothing. Sit by myself on the deck and read magazines; perfect! Thanks grandma!

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Anonymous said...

well all's ya gotta do is sell that house, pack up them kidlets and move on down here and you could have free grammie service every saturday night while you did "nothing" on my deck...i can keep the magazines a comin'!...your nieces and nephew would love their cousins around too
p.s. - we have great hockey teams here too!