Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Boys

Here's a tribute to our boys as they celebrate their 8th birthday!

C&C turn 8 on Vimeo


Ann said...

Happy Birthday Cooper and Carter! We can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend. Jillian and Elliott loved watching the picutres and video of you. You have grown up so fast! We love you. XOXO Auntie Ann

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta quit doing that Ria, it's making this G'ma cry....Can't be that it's been 8 yrs today since we were crammed in that hospital room with all those medical folks and equipment and me saying "are you sure they are ready to be born yet?" to the Doctor. Heck, I VIVIDLY remember the day you came to MHS (you were wearing something red) to tell me you were having twins and I told you that you couldn't do that! !... and look at what a great job you and Tim have done ! I'll never forget what a friend of mine told me who had twins in her family when the boys were born... "having twins is a novelty that will never wear off" she sure was right ! See you for lots of cake and ice cream and presents this Saturday ! G'ma S.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday guys. You both shown how grown up last week when we were shopping and eating at ROYAL FORK, I was so proud of you. Have a fu'n day and look forward to the party on Sun.Ggma Bean

Anonymous said...

Carter and Cooper


Love you both and we have so much fun celebrating with you both on your Birthday and this coming weekend!

Grandpa Mark and Grandma LaVerne

PS: Can't wait to have you and your friends to the lake for a tubing B-day this summer!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday boys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Ria, this video brought tears to aunt sheri too...what a nice job putting it together, and boys, happy birthday from the nettestads..can't believe that you are already eight!! and you are looking great!!