Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Our Easter Weekend

Since I didn't take any photos at Easter this year, I was looking for some from when the kids were little to post, and I realized that I really don't have very many. I guess Easter pictures are not my thing. It could have something to do with rushing to get through the Easter egg hunt so you can hurry up and get dressed and fix your hair and eat breakfast (most likely chocolate eggs) and try to get to church on time. It's not the most conducive morning for taking pictures. ("Hurry up and smile"...I can hear myself yelling.)
Anyway, this Easter was pretty relaxed for us. We did hurry through our egg hunt...I had to give them clues on where some of the bigger things were hidden. The kids decided the Easter Bunny must have just brought and hid the candy and mom bought and hid the toys...otherwise how would she know where they were hidden? We made it to church on time, went out to the country club for brunch and got a room at the Holiday Inn so the kids could swim and have fun. We had a few competitive games of ping pong and foosball, read and relaxed. Today it's back to work and school...38 days of school until the school-year is over!

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