Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've got some catching up to do

I haven't blogged all week....every free minute (I mean EVERY; just ask my family) and lots of middle of the night hours have been spent on my computer. When I was asked if I could put together a little graduation video for one of the boys' buddies on the Spuds hockey team I replied, "No problem!" Um......wrong. Big problem. Everything that could possibly go wrong with this video has, and it is still not burning correctly and the party is on Saturday. You could say I feel a little pressure. I do have a new 160GB hard drive and 2GB of new memory thanks to some angels from Hawaii! But so far, the problems just continue. The thoughts on my mind go something like this: @*^#*@#! Anyway, enough ranting. Here is a photo to tide you over until I can get back to my regular blogging schedule.

Coopy Crockett

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Anonymous said...


You are such a cutie.....Davey C would be jealous of you in his hat!

Grandma and Granpa Czi