Monday, July 09, 2007

Moving ADD

That's my self-diagnosis. I cannot complete a project...I will be working on something in one room, and walk into another room to get something and see all the things that need to be done in that room and start doing those, and then go to another room for something else and the same thing happens...all day long! The good news is we are all moved in...our stuff is here anyway. Not necessarily put away, but here. All of the painting and flooring is done, and this week will be lots of cabinetry and counters and plumbing work and hopefully the rest of the electrical. The kids will be coming back from "Camp Grandmas" where they have been all last week (with Grandma Sandi the first half and Grandma Laverne the second half) so I have been working hard to get their rooms ready. On the agenda for tomorrow is to finish the basement and clean out and organize the garage!

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