Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Webkinz Summer

Summer is coming to an end...it went way too fast at this house. The kids were busy with lots of things this summer, but the thing that kept them the busiest were their Webkinz. If you have a child anywhere from preschool through middle school, you most likely know what they are. But for those of you who don't, they are little stuffed animals with a special code that you enter on the Webkinz site. Then you can name your Webkin, buy and decorate rooms for them, play games to earn points (which means you can buy more stuff) and connect with other kids online who have Webkinz and send them notes and gifts and "play" with them. It actually is a pretty cool site with lots of ways for the kids to be creative, but it has become a mild obsession with our kids so we've had to set some limits as to the amount of time they can use the computer. We have several different species of Webkin dogs, a hippo, a bear, a pig and a platypus.


Anonymous said...

Its fun to see that some of the christmas toys are still fun to play with. Im glad to hear the kyds enjoy them. Gma B

TBRKO said...

Okay am I a loser? We don't have those...not that we need anymore toys. Maybe I will hold off until xmas.
Say, Kennedy's hair looks cute! Did she cut it?