Saturday, September 15, 2007

Congratulations Mark

Grandpa Mark threw a killer party on Friday to celebrate 25 years of Dakota Bumper.


Anonymous said...

Tim and Ria

Grandpa Mark and Dakota Bumper could not have had this great event with out your support and assistance.....Thank You!

It was a great event and the pictures capture the pride and enjoyement that Mark experienced during the day.
Everyones hard work and dedication created a wonderful day of celebration for Dakota Bumper's 25th Anniversary.

Thank you to everyone...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mark! Also to Laverne Im sure she helped during the 25 years also. I had told Laverne I would be there but things didnt work out, I am truly sorry and after seeing the pictures I feel bad. The car was a beauty . Again I am sorry and know you had a great day. Bean