Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh goodie...snacks.

Our kids have always gone to Sunday School on Sunday mornings while Tim and I go to church. This year, Katelyn has to take sermon notes for confirmation so we have been having the kids go to church with us. This morning was apparently the first time they have every witnessed communion being passed. We were late for church (as usual) so we ended up in one of the first few rows. The usher passed the plate down our pew and Kennedy...thinking it must be snacktime for all the church goers...immediately shoved her hand into the wafers and tried to grab a few. During the rest of the communion, I had to field questions from my boys...why can't we have some? When we will get to taste that? What is that? It's not real blood is it? Why are you eating that? Do you like it? Will I like it? Does anyone like it? Do you think the drummer likes doesn't look like he likes it.

I never thought that my kids wouldn't know what communion was or why we do it...but I guess that is just one more reason we should have been having our kids come to church with us all along.


Anonymous said...

They asked me the same things at Elliott's baptism... especially after they saw some of the children there partake in the communion... wanted to know why "they" couldn't have some when other kids got might want to explain that one when you have the "talk".... :-) Guess I didn't realize it was so foreign to them as well !

Bean said...

Paul did somewhat the same when he was small. Grandpa and I and Jim, Johanna and kyds attended Christmas Eve services at Zion Church north of Pelican as Roger (one of the employees for Jim and Grandpa was leading the service} Paul did however get quite upset when he couldnt have any and wondered why Roger wouldnt give him any. Gma Bean