Thursday, December 13, 2007

Are they identical?

I still get asked this question all the time. Although we don't "officially" know the answer because we never sent a sample of their DNA to get tested, I always answer "no". When they were little, they did look quite a bit alike...but in the past few years they really have been developing their own looks, as well as personalities and interests. Once you get to know them, you would never think they are identical. Carter is into sports sports sports, is very competitive, and worries a lot about what other people think. Cooper is into music and trucks and talking to others, especially adults, and is more laid back. Here is a photo of them last Saturday...identical? I'll let you decide.


TBRKO said...

I don't know...even though they have different interests, they still look so much alike!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, even having been close to them since birth, this G'ma still introduced Carter as Cooper to someone last time I was home ! I agree, there is still alot alike about their looks!

Bean said...

After 8 years of not being able to tell who is who I still have to really look but Coopers full face is helping me out somewhat now. Handsome guys I think!!!!!!! ggma