Sunday, December 02, 2007

i loved this weekend

Here's why:

1. Snow started falling Friday night and we woke up Saturday morning to a fresh blanket of white snow that the kids enjoyed playing in all day.
2. I figured out what I was doing for Christmas cards and got them ordered.
3. We got to start decorating for Christmas...AND got to listen to lots of Christmas music, my favorite!
4. Tim and I got to go out for dinner and drinks with friends.
5. I got caught up on all photo sessions for 2007...that feels good!
6. The kids and I went on our annual trip to pick out their ornaments...this year we have an iceskater holding a dog, a soccer player, a coffee cup, and a cute dalmation with pigtails.

Here are some pics of the weekend.

A few of my favorite ornaments from my tree!

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Anonymous said...

where's pics of the white tree in the living room with the "new green"?