Wednesday, February 06, 2008


of our girl! She has a 4.0 gpa this year and is currently student of the month for her pod in middle school. I think we need a bumper sticker!


gmab said...

Wow Katie!!!!!!!! I,m so proud of my oldest great granddaughter. Congratulations!!! Gma B

G'ma S said...

If that doesn't qualify you for a cell phone ....well then....Mom's gotta get with it!

Suppose G'ma S better come up with some type of "reward" system so you keep it up...or can we tie it into that "green slugbug" you're working your way towards earning on your "sweet 16th birthday"?

Anonymous said...

Wow Katie!!! Good job, but you are showing up the youngest grand daughter. Haha good job keep it up!