Monday, August 04, 2008


from our family trip to the cities.

First up...a very EXCITING Twins game! They beat the White Sox and we got to see two home runs and a huge tantrum followed by an ejection of the manager Garden-something. It's funny because as soon as I enter the Metrodome, all I can do is think about what treat I'm going to get next. I'm lucky it was such an eventful game or I would have spent all of my money on snowcones and ice cream.
I took this photo as what's his name hit a home run to take the lead in the game.

And the next day we were off to Valleyfair. The weather was unbelievably perfect and we spent the day going on rides and playing at the waterpark. I realized I was no spring chicken anymore and the rides that used to thrill me now make me a little bit queasy. So again, I spent most of the day thinking about what treat I was going to get next and consuming large amounts of ice cream.

Before...After...Carter is NOT a big fan of walking around in wet clothes. He said next time he is going to skip Thunder Canyon.

Kennedy and dad enjoying their favorite fair food...funnel cake and mini-donuts!

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TBRKO said...

First of all....I am glad you all had such a great time. It looks like a blast!
Secondly, that food looks AMAZING! Funnel doughnuts.....ahh does it get any better? This pregnant gal would devour that food in an instant.
See ya soon!