Monday, February 02, 2009

life with Emme...

is so much sweeter.

p.s.... isn't her new pink sweatshirt the cutest?


Anonymous said...


I am sooooo VERY jealous...I think you are definitely the "Jessica Simpson" of doggie world and I'm just a plain old boring Dakota Fanning type....nice, but NO glitz!!! But then go figure, I'm stuck over here in Fargo with someone who insists on calling herself "Grandma" to me and lives with some old guy with gray hair who wears long johns all the time! My parents your mommy entrusted me to just don't get it that I need a wardrobe so I'm stylin' like you! Time to take me shoppin'! Me thinks you need a trim though so I can see your pretty eyes! Let me know where you can get cute clothes like that OK?

Your best little bud,

Hazel Nut

PS..can't wait to come over to play and visit the neighbors deck with you :-)...hear there are some cute bigger dogs over there to play with!

Your best bud,


Anonymous said...

I think life with that cute little boy Cooper is pretty sweet too :-)
Grandma S.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Grandma Bean....Emme is cute but can not beat our Cooper!

Grndma L

Anonymous said...

OOPS Sorry Grandma Sandi!!
Life being on vacation in AZ is getting me lazy and not reading things to the end! Grandma L