Monday, July 13, 2009

our weekend

We had a very busy weekend and packed in lots of fun. Friday night Tim and I went out to the RRVFair with some friends for the Zac Brown Band concert. On Saturday the girls and I headed to Pelican Rapids for the Turkey Days parade and to the craft show at Phleps Mill. We also visited Grandma Sandi's lake cabin and went to Maple Beach for supper. The girls painted rocks at Phelps Mill.

On Sunday it was my birthday so I got to choose the activities! First we went to the Flea Market by Detroit Lakes (which nobody else enjoys, except my COOPER!) Then we went to Go Putt & Bump for mini-golf and go-karts, and finally to Zorbaz on the lake for supper.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Looks like a great weekend with all kinds of family fun! Bless your heart you decided on Putt and Bumper........your children will and do love you for it!

Fun time and great memories!

Mark and LaVerne

Kris said...

Ummmm, I TOTALLY love that flea market so next time, I'm in. Happy belated birthday!

G'ma S said...

I can't tell who has the more fierce competitive look towards the finish line on that picture... Tim or Carter! I think Carter... knowing how important those things are to him!