Wednesday, September 02, 2009

vacation so far...

We are spending the week at Grand View Lodge on Gull Lake. We got here yesterday and got checked into our cabin, ate supper at Zorbaz and then headed over to the water slide and pool at the main lodge. This is the beach and playground that is just outside our cabin.

Here is Cooper this morning, practicing his canoeing skills... on dry land.

The Glacier Waters Spa... where I had the best massage of my life this morning!

Our kids would make the worst campers. With the miles and miles of beaches and fun outdoor activities available here, they chose to spend ALL day at the pool and waterslide again. Tim went golfing and I sat on a chair on the beach reading my book looking at this view. What a relaxing day!
Princess Emme was suppose to stay at a kennel this week while we were gone, and we dropped her off yesterday morning before we left. I cried pretty much all afternoon thinking about how scared she was when we left and what an awful week it was going to be for her stuck in that concrete cage (Yes... I AM aware that she is a dog... but she is still my baby...) Grandma Sandi came to the rescue and went to pick her up today. Thanks Grandma!


Ann said...

Don't have all the fun before we get there! See you tomorrow - if I can't get the kids to go to sleep, we might just see you tonight. Ha!

erin said...

Hope you guys have a great time! Looks gorgeous!

Lovey-lovey-loved your pics that were posted today. :)