Wednesday, October 14, 2009

for your viewing pleasure

Or just so you don't have to look at that horrid cell-phone pic anymore. Here are some photos I took of the kids this summer. I have no patience when it comes to taking pics of my own kids which means I usually get frustrated and quit before I get anything good. This would have been one of those nights. To be fair, we had just finished getting our "family" pictures taken by another photographer (maybe I'll post those another day)... so they were pretty much all "pictured-out."Christmas card maybe????


TBRKO said...

They are all so cute. You have four absolutely gorgeous children if you didn't already know that!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with TBRKO but of course they are my Grandchildren!

Thanks for sharing pictures and always enjoy having the G-kids at the lake or anytime to be honest...Love You All
You and Tim have great children who are all so full of life and love the memories we are creating with them and you as family.
Grandpa M and Grandma L

Jenay said...

Ria these are awesome! I love the colors... How was it getting pics done by another photographer? Are you happy with them?

Anonymous said...

They are growing up so fast. Beautiful family.

Sandi H

MAV06 said...

Looking good!!

G'ma S said...

I'm lovin' that shirt Carter has on... what a stylin' dude... Kennedy's portraying her typical "little miss Ria mode", Kate really looks like a true teen these days and Cooper? Well, G'ma's just hoping he didn't fall off the fence!!! Yup, those are my grandchildren...:-) Gotta love em'!