Wednesday, December 23, 2009

what's that you say?

You want to see MORE pictures from Florida? Oh good. I was hoping you didn't think you were done.

Our resort.... the Wyndam Bonnet Creek Resort.
A few more from Blizzard Beach...They had a chair lift just like at a ski resort to get you up to the top of the mountain. Here is Carter going down Summit Plummet, a 120 foot high waterslide. You travel up to 60 MPH going down this thing! Everyone tried it except for scardy-cats mom and Kennedy!And... our day at the Ocean. Dad says it was his favorite part of the trip... can you tell?
These pictures our from our little adventure trying to find somewhere to eat along Clearwater Beach. After walking for quite awhile (we even had to stop and buy Kennedy some $5 crocs at a souvenir shop because she was getting blisters from her flip flops) we ended up at a little bar that the kids thought was terrible. They were tired and hungry (and a bit cranky)... but luckily the food came quickly and it was AWESOME!

Not to worry... I have MANY MANY more pictures to post... but I haven't had time to go through all of them!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Holly said...

I'm not going to lie. I'm super jealous. I'm glad you guys had a fantastic time. You have a beautiful family, Ria.

Merry Christmas!

TBRKO said...

What awesome pictures Ria. (I feel like a broken record, because I say that all the time to you!) Anyway I am envious too. The kids look like they had a blast. Most importantly, you made great memories.
PS: I LOVED your xmas card!