Monday, November 08, 2010

lucky boys

The boys have had quite a fall of sporting events. In October, Grandma Sandi and Richard took them to the new Target field for a Twins game.Then, this last weekend Tim took them for a "guys weekend" and they saw a Gopher hockey game and they went to their first ever Vikings game at the metrodome.It was a great game and the Vikes won in overtime. Tim knew someone from work that is an assistant photographer for the team so they got to stand down on the field for the 4th quarter and overtime. How exciting!


Anonymous said...

Way to go C & C.......what a fun time with your Dad! Gophers and Vikes all in one weekend....what great memories for you both!(and for Dad too!)
Grandma LaVerne

G'ma S said...

LOVE that they have the perfect wardrobe for each event :-)... Lucky boys! Next time cousin Elliott gets to go too!

ingjerd said...

How fun! And what a great Vikings game to go to. At the end we were all standing on the couch here at home :)