Friday, November 04, 2005

Dear Dad,

Tim has been in Las Vegas for "WORK" since Wednesday.

Do you have a present for me? On Thursday we went to the museum for school. I miss you a lot. When you get home, I want to hear all about your trip.
Love you, Katelyn

Hi dad,
What have you been doing? I got a take a break today at school. I took too long to get ready for math. Oops. I miss you very much.
From, Cooper

Hey dad,
How was your airplane ride? Guess what, I got 100% today on my spelling test. When you get home, I want you to pick me up and spin me around. Come home soon.
Love, Carter

What kind of shirt are you wearing? We set up a pet shop in the playroom with lots of puppies and dogs. I am the one who writes down the names. I can't wait until you get home so you can sing me the Sweet Lou song.
Miss you, Kennedy Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

So where are your comments if your husband has been out of town since Wednesday and this is Friday?????