Monday, November 07, 2005

"Family Supper"

Monday is usually "family supper" night at our house. It seems like that is the only night of the week that tends to works out for us all to be together and eat as a family, which is sad considering that our kids are not even teenagers yet. I know we need to do a better job at making our mealtimes together a priority. It's sad when the table you eat your family dinners at starts to collect dust. Did you know that there is research which proves that frequent family meals are associated with lower rates of smoking, drinking and drugs-use in teens and pre-teens, are related to higher academic performance, and are linked with higher rates of self-esteem in teens by helping them better cope with the stress of adolescense? All that from sitting around the table playing "What's your favorite" which is what our kids love to do. Here is a picture of Kennedy Lauren sitting on her throne at the end of the table. Notice her incredibly well-balanced meal of....noodles. Oh well, we're trying. For more info on the benefits of family dinners click here.

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