Sunday, December 04, 2005

Was It Fun?

The girls of this family set off on a weekend trip to the cities to visit Grandma and try to have a little fun. That was the plan. Is it fun to try and find a parking spot downtown Minneapolis, fight the shopping crowds and carry coats, hats, mittens and scarves around the mall? Is it fun to wait in line behind thousands of people to see the Cinderella display at Dayton's? Is it fun to wait on a street corner in freezing weather and snow to catch a glimpse of a lighted train? Is it fun to hear your girls bicker and fight every other minute for sixteen hours in a row? This is what us grandmas and mothers of the world endure to try and provide our precious, horribly behaved children with some fun and fond memories. You know what is funny...if you were to ask either of my girls how their weekend was; I would venture to guess that their reply would be a resounding "FUN!" Posted by Picasa

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