Monday, January 23, 2006

Grocery Shopping with your Spouse

Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to a hotel last night because there is no school today. So Tim and I went out for a nice dinner together and then went to the grocery store. This is something that we NEVER do together...mostly because we've always had young kids so one person stays home. It is interesting to see the differences in what each of us sees as worthy of spending a little extra money. Ria to Tim..."Do we really need to spend $6.00 on four cans of Mountain Dew 'Amp'?"Tim to Ria..."Do we really need to spend $4.00 on that People magazine to read about your close friends, Brad and Angelina"? Tim insists that we should buy only name brand products regardless of whether or not he will be consuming the product. I say buy the generic cheaper stuff for the daycare kids (though we both agreed that the Flavorite graham crackers taste like cardboard and even at $.99 they are not worth the money.) So we compromised on some things and agreed on others, and learned a little about each other along the way. Just in case you are wondering who did most of the compromising...we did NOT purchase the overpriced Mountain Dew, but I did come home and catch up on the romance of Brangelina in my magazine!

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I know how this works. I go shopping one day to buy things that you can actually make meals with, and Joel goes shopping the next day to buy the things that he thinks are important (chocolate covered doughnuts, candy bars, ice cream treats etc...) Like Tim, Joel spent many years working in our local grocery store. Do you think that makes it even harder to go shoppping with them? I was thankful for the day we had Eli and our shopping trips together came an end.