Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"How Are You?"

On one of my visits to my mom's this month, she was telling me about the chiropractic office where she works and what a positive environment it is. They typically do not ask patients the question "How are you?" because the doctor does not want people complaining and saying negative comments. The employees are encouraged to always respond positively if the question is asked of them. To which I questioned, isn't that being fake or not genuine? My mom told me to think of it more as a put yourself in that state of mind. The more you say how great your day is, the better you are going to feel about it. So this past week I have been paying more attention to my response when people ask me how I am. My natural tendency, or perhaps a habit I have created, is to respond with I'm tired, or crabby, or rushed, or busy. All negative responses. From now on, I'm going to make an effort to find something positive to say when people ask me how I am and see if it makes a difference in how I feel! So..."How are you?"


Anonymous said...

Ria, I also think with a positive response will come a positive mood to the person asking the ?

When someone response with a positive it is really hard not to respond back in a positive way thus you will be sharing the positive attitude with many!

Thank you! I am also going to try and break the habit and put a positive spin on responses......see it is already working in a positive way!


Anonymous said...

Great share girl ! Even being an old granny still out in the work force you can learn a new way of thinking and living... and hope that some of what you share about your new world with your own kids will be heard ! After 10 years of working in a very negative environment at the high school and listening to the staff/students constantly whine & complain, it's a real treat to work for someone who's uplifting, enthusiastic, encouraging and always looking for the best in any situation. It's healing . . and one thing I know for sure, it's infectious ! ! Try it with your kids...positive in - - positive out... it's aweseome !

G'ma . . . and Chaska Chiropractic!