Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thirty Years Ago...

It's my birthday! I LOVE my birthday. I have a feeling that sentiment might change as the numbers get higher, but for now I will freely admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday! My kids, however, are already tired of hearing me say, "It's my birthday today!". It is true that nobody cares about my birthday quite as much as I do... in honor of my big day I have posted some photos of July 12 over the past three decades. They are my 1st, 4th, 14th, and 24th birthdays. I also want to wish my niece Jillian a very happy 3rd birthday today...Happy Birthday JillyBean!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ria! I love Birthday's too! I hope you had a GREAT day!

Love ya,

Your lil cousin Ingrid

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again Ria. Looking at the picture of the one 30 years ago remonded me of that day and thats the way you looked when I took you shopping that day. Wow were you mad. See my memory is still there ha!! Anyway it still was a fun day!! Gma B

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ria! Wow, we are getting up there aren't we? I will be thirty on the 20th! Maybe it's something about us Cancers....we sure love our bdays!
Anyway that four year old picture of you looks just like Kennedy. Wow...
Well I hope you had a wonderful day & here's to many more!
Bonnie Stafford

Anonymous said...

Again Happy 30th Birthday! We had a great time helping the kids and Tim surprize you with all the "PINK" golf was a fun day and enjoyed celebrating your Birthday with you and your family!
Keep enjoying everyone of them! Its truely Your Day Only and you deserve all the attention!
Mark and LaVerne